United Business Express: Delivering your business to the world

United Business Express delivers millions of shipments annually to retail stores, shopping malls, and distribution centers all over the United States, replenishing inventories and shipping goods to market. Providing what our clients want, when and where they want it, at an affordable price is what has allowed United Business Express to earn the unwavering loyalty of our clients.

United Business Express can transport your pallets, truck loads, or cartons directly to customers and stores from your DCs or from ports all over the United States. We offer real time in-transit reporting so you can control inventory flow while your cartons are in motion and achieve just-in-time deliveries on a daily basis to multiple stores, malls, and customers.

You can use our DCs as your own warehouse to store cartons until needed at the retail store level. Our reports will provide a complete picture of what you have in motion and what you have on hold at our DCs so you can replenish your store inventories as needed.Allow us to tailor a solution for you.

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