United Business Xpress has been an ever-growing presence within the Global Shipping Industry for decades, providing the attentive, reliable and affordable service our clients demand.

Headquartered in close proximity to London’s Heathrow Airport are strategically positioned in the critical nerve centers of logistics within the UK, with full access points to the European Union. 

From our commanding position, we are ever vigilant in improving our Service Options and Pricing to the world’s major markets.

Be it Europe, The Americas, Asia, Africa, or elsewhere, UBX has a Network in place to meet your just in time needs.

Whether your needs include the Next Day Delivery of an urgent document within the UK or the On-Time Delivery of a heavy container load from China to Paris, UBX is there to provide the perfect solution for your business.

Our goal at United Business Xpress remains to lead our customers to the most effective and efficient solutions so we can deliver for your company on-time and within budget.

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