Be it South Asia, East, West, Europe, Africa, or elsewhere, UDSWWUS has a Network in place to meet your just in time needs.

Whether your needs include sending an urgent document to New York City overnight, importing samples from Bangladesh, or receiving a container from anywhere in the world, UDSWWUS is there to provide the perfect solution for your business.

Enter upto 25 airway bill or tracking number(s)
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If you are unsure of the number, click here to see if we can help you figure it out.
Next Day delivery to NYC, London, Hong Kong, Colombo & Singapore
Import from Hong Kong and Sri Lanka with Next Day Service
Factory shipments from Bangladesh to all of India
Expedited options when importing from USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Korea, China and Vietnam
Third Party shipping discounts along with our premium services, all on one bill
Pick ups after normal time, gain more time to work on your project
Tailored supply chain solutions, geared for the global economy

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